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What Our Clients are Saying...

Daphne B.

In 2010 I had a complete Hysterectomy. Since that time I’ve taken a compounded bioidentical hormone. I wanted to stop taking the compound but would quickly go back when the hot flashes started up. Recently while listening to Learn True Health hosted by Ashley James I learned of Take Your Supplements and Jennifer Saltzman. I reached out to Jennifer for guidance on vitamins and mineral support. I started with supplements and appreciate Jennifer’s knowledge and flexibility to assist me. The women's hormone support she put me on opened my eyes to what the compound wasn’t doing for me. The compound only kept my hot flashes at bay. Now I feel like I did at 30 years old (I am 58 years old). I am so grateful. Look out world😊 


Hot and sweaty, I put the mower up… my first thought was…I need to text Jennifer! Not because I want or need anything, but to thank her again for all her help and support! (Explanation to follow)
When my journey started with and Jennifer, I was tired, hurting constantly, and just generally UNWELL. I was frustrated by fatigue and overwhelmed by my inability to feel better. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, mixed connective tissue disease among other conditions. I was taking prescription strength ibuprofen almost daily. (Knowing it wasn’t helping my liver at all)
We began with supplements recommended by Jennifer and in all honesty, I wasn’t being consistent, DESPITE Jennifer saying on our first call, “consistency is key”. 🤦🏻‍♀️
So about a month or so, after not getting any results (and knowing it was my own fault) I began to take how bad I was feeling more seriously and started taking the supplements like I was supposed to…. I figured I had nothing to lose…and… oh my goodness! After 1 week (ONE WEEK) of doing what I was supposed to do, (simply taking the recommended supplements daily) I felt SO much better! My energy level was 100% better, I felt better mentally, my pain had decreased, and it’s only gotten better. I have actually lost some weight, and I (may)take ibuprofen MAYBE once per month now. I can’t begin to thank Jennifer for not giving up on me! She didn’t judge me when I was judging myself… she listens to my complaints and tackles my concerns. I can’t imagine it’s been easy for her! (You wouldn’t know it tho)
Honestly, my diet is still not the best, I acknowledge I’m a work in progress 😊but the supplements have made such a positive impact on my life.
Last week, for the first time in YEARS, I was able to help my husband mow the grass. For some, that’s nothing, but to me, it was everything!! That’s why I wanted to send Jennifer a text and just say thanks! So thank you Jennifer and! It’s been a life changing experience!! If you’re reading this and you’re undecided about giving these supplements a try… just do it!! You have nothing to lose and a potential life to gain! I feel better at 56 than I did at 46!! The picture included was taken on my 56th birthday last month 😉

Amanda K.

Claudia C.

My experience in working with Jennifer was wonderful. I enjoyed it because I was able to learn a lot from Jennifer which resulted in me feeling better. I have more energy, my skin has been feeling smoother, my hair is growing faster, and I feel my health is more balanced. Prior to taking the program, I was taking supplements but didn’t really know what exactly I was taking. I was able to understand more about the supplements thanks to Jennifer.

Meli D.L.

Nadine R.

A couple of years ago I started listening to Ashley's podcast and she would always talk about  I had never taken a supplement IN MY LIFE. I would hear this plea over and over before every podcast. My dad was an amateur herbalist and never took any meds until he died at age 94, so I knew some basic information but had never heard of Naturopathy or Naturopathic doctors before. I contacted the TYS website and was put in touch with Jen.  What a gift she has been to me!!  She helped me determine what I could afford on my budget at the time and worked with me from there. I have had chronic itching for over 10 years. I take Zyrtek twice a day and another medication nightly to keep the itching at bay. I was told by a dermatologist that I would be on it for the rest of my life, and it was no big deal!! How is that even possible that it's "no big deal"???  I also had plantar fasciitis, skin tags everywhere, a horrible odor, female issues, asthma since childhood, dry eyes, sugar cravings and IBS. I was also taking Prilosec for stomach issues and Crestor for high cholesterol. I'm thrilled to say that I've improved on the itching by removing gluten and dairy from my diet and have reduced the mg of those meds. I no longer have symptoms of asthma, dry eyes, odor, female issues or plantar fasciitis.  I'm off of the Prilosec (within a few weeks of starting the supplements) and the Crestor not long after that. I can walk by a bakery and not go nuts anymore. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but the point is, if you follow the program you WILL see results! These are not your drugstore vitamins.  These are responsibly formulated with the highest quality of ingredients and potency which makes all the difference. Just remember, just as you can't outrun the fork to lose weight, you can't out-supplement a bad diet either. This has become a lifestyle for me to take care of myself for myself, my children and my grandchildren!  Sign up for a health coach to call you to discuss a plan exactly just for YOU today. Don't wait!!

Brenda V.

Hi Jennifer—
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been on these products for about 4 months:
The arthritis in my wrists is getting better!  Not totally gone, but really a lot better.  Also the mild ache in my upper back spine (between the shoulder blades) is much better.  What’s weird is that I sort of had a setback right before it got better—it got really bad for a couple of weeks and I thought oh no, this isn’t working. Then it got much better and has stayed better.  I wish I could see inside my bones to see if my osteoporosis is getting better! 

Lauri C.

In the spring of 2019, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition named neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder, anti-MOG antibody positive. My symptoms were optic neuritis, joint pain, and brain fog. Because of the optic neuritis, I lost some vision, mostly light and color, in both of my eyes. Blindness was a threat to my future!
The doctors' solutions for me were repressing my symptoms using steroids and immune suppressant drugs, instead of healing my body. Since I felt that God made our bodies to restore and heal, I continued to research, and do everything I could do including clean up toxins, exercise regularly, and meditate on God. In June of 2020, I heard a Learn True Health podcast that turned a spotlight on my research. Dr. Joel Wallach was explaining how birth defects and most disease is caused by nutrient deficiency. That made so much sense to me! What if my body was broken because it did not have the proper nutrients? I put in a request for a health coach. Jennifer was so knowledgeable and encouraging! She gave me the health evaluation and suggested the supplements to take. After taking the supplements for only a month, I had a blood test that showed my condition was healed! Yes, immediately following my diagnosis, I had radically changed my diet (no gluten, no diary, low sugar) and my body was ready to absorb the nutrients. I am so thankful for Ashley James and her quest for knowledge, and I'm grateful to Jennifer for walking me through the process to get the right supplements. Because my story is full of hope, I also became a certified health coach to share with others how they can also experience health and wellness. I am so blessed!

Frank C.

Ok ok ok, here is the best review ever. This stuff healed my discs and unpinched the nerve to my heart. It also lubericated my joints and I felt like a new man. Being said, if the doc said I had to eat cow poo to achieve the same results I would.

Jordon K.

I have had the diagnosis of depression since I was 14. I've been on SO MANY medications some which were extremely traumatic to my mental and physical health. I literally hit a rock bottom last fall and put myself into a day program at my local hospital. I was having nervous breakdowns multiple times a day and my anxiety and depression were absolutely out of control. I actually contacted Jennifer Saltzman looking for help with my son, ended up saying what the heck let’s give this a go for myself. I am never ever going to go off of the supplements she suggested. I on the daily tell my husband and mom "i'm doing good, i'm actually doing good" I've never said that in my life. I've always been a hot mess express trying to keep up with "normal" people and feeling like a failure. I also have ADHD which is what was the root cause of a lot of my issues, but since starting the supplements I feel like I have a new lease on life. I'm able to mostly keep up with my housework, my job is flourishing, I feel confident in my job like I never have in my life. I feel calm and happy like i've never experienced with any sort of medication! I personally began to notice some results just a couple weeks into the supplement protocol, but just this month I stopped my Rx!!! I've never been so confident in my ability to do life without medication as I am right now! I'm more than happy to answer any questions about my situation. I'm a complete open book and not ashamed of what I have had to go through to get here! Sorry for the novel. I keep meaning to make a separate post, but it feels overwhelming because there is too much I want to say :)  Long story short, find a naturopath, skip the pediatrician for mental health issues, find a therapist. Jennifer can help you with all the supplements and give you suggestions on all kinds of things, she will check in with you monthly too it's truly been an amazing experience for me!
Jordon K – fb post
I will have a happy hubby when he gets home! I’ve been taking these supplements since Nov and they have literally, literally changed my life. I know it sounds so cliche but just ask my family and they will agree. I had him try them this month and he notices he’s much more tired when he doesn’t take them. We ran out early because I gave a jar to grandpa to help get his vitamins back in order!  

Joe D.

This stuff is the only vitamin or mineral supplement I've ever used that actually makes a noticeable difference. Thanks so much for showing it to me. 

Karen K.

Julie S.

I have a praise report on my blood sugar!  I have been running around 130-140 for fasting blood sugar and could never get it down below 120 until I started taking the blood sugar support you recommended this past week and I just tested my blood 3 hours after breakfast and it was 95!!!!  I have not seen numbers that low for a LONG TIME, based on the memory reading in my glucometer.  HalleluYah!!! 

Jennifer K.

My experience working with my Take Your Supplements Holistic Health Coach has been great. I’ve been able to support myself with nutrition & what I need. I learn so many things about my body each day! There is so much built-in support and I think that is crucial! Listening to the learn true health podcast and attending a live event in my area has changed the quality of my life because I had the opportunities to continue learning and growing. Thank you both, so much!! It means the world to me. I trust you both a lot❤️!

Maria X.C.

My son was diagnosed with Alopecia when he was 13. We tried everything: traditional medicine, lotions, even cortisone shots on his scalp! Nothing worked, years passed (he is now 19) and depression took over, to the point that Alopecia was now secondary, his crisis were more concerning. I heard about Dr. Wallach, Jennifer and the TYS in the LTH podcast and it all made sense to me: we have been treating the symptom and not the cause. Jennifer guided me through the process of understanding and choosing the best combination of supplements and doses and also, guided me as a mom on how to approach my son about yet another “crazy sounding treatment” (his own skeptical words). Fast forward 2 months: my son is back. He is back to be this smiley guy, with positive attitude and calm behavior. He is sleeping better (he admits). Now... is it me or that is one hair growing where his eyebrow used to be? I will let you know.😊

Sean R.

Thanks to Take Your, my life has completely changed. I used to dread going to work everyday because I was always fatigued and easily out of breath. Now I can breeze through the day without pain. I am so thankful for your help!

Kacie J.

Hello Learn True Health friends,
I just wanted to take a minute to share my testimonial for a product I learned about from this wonderful podcast.
I have suffered from severe PMS for most of my adult life. I experienced full body pain, abdominal cramping, severe fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, all of it!!! I l felt like I spent more days of the month feeling bad then I did feeling good. I heard Ashley's interview with a Naturopathic doctor and was fascinated with his perspective and protocol.   
I called Jennifer Saltzman with and she was so caring and helpful and got me started on a supplement protocol to address my health needs. After regularly taking the supplements for several months I'm so happy and amazed to report that I can barely tell when my cycle is about to start. If you can relate to my story please contact my new friend Jennifer Saltzman at There is help out there and I am so thankful 💙!

Allyssa H.

When I finally reached out to Take Your Supplements, I thought, "What do I have to lose?” The testimonials on the Learn True Health podcast were so good that I decided to try them for myself. The health evaluation with Jen was incredibly enlightening. I had been to so many doctors for interstitial cystitis, osteoarthritis, chronic acne...and no one had ever suggested that I had severe nutrient deficiencies. Within a few months of taking the supplements, my joint pain was largely gone, my skin was clearer than ever without the aid of a prescription (a first), and my urinary urgency lessened. More than a year later, I'm still taking the supplements and my health is better than it has ever been. The support of Jen as a coach has been instrumental in my recovery. She is so patient, knowledgeable and has an answer to every question!

Evelyn B.

Hi Jennifer, I am learning so much from the info you shared from the Dr. I wish I could just absorb all what he has to say at once, but boy he has said so much that I agree 100% of that MD's don't really know what they’re doing, and just will not listen. I lost 10 lbs. so far, no pain in my finger joint (which the MD said that I would have to live it). In the first week I felt no pain.  Oh why was I so late to find  Dr. G.? Well I am a believer and I could go on and on but I will not. I am finally feeling better and I'm back on my supplements which makes me feel good.

Ken & Connie L.

Yup these supplements are awesome!

Agree!!! Saw the changes in Jordon, made Ken start and now I have started them and crave my daily drink😀

Phyllis H.

A year ago, I was having trouble walking. My knee was swollen & was having trouble sleeping because the pain woke me up. I didn’t take much ibuprofen or Aleve because I had read they are bad for kidneys & liver.  I couldn’t stand it any longer & was leaning toward a knee surgery. According to the osteoarthritis physician I have osteoarthritis & would be looking at a knee replacement in a couple of years, just take more ibuprofen. I wasn’t going to take any. I told Jennifer Saltzman about what was going on & after the health questions she suggested I try osteo fx. Jennifer has been very gracious, informative & helpful. I’m doing so much better. The swelling has gone down & currently able to walk a couple of miles, work in my garden & flowerbeds also take care of great grandkids 3-year-old & a year old a few days a week. I’m 78 years old & thankful for people like Jennifer who go the extra mile to help bring people a better quality of life. A month ago I started on the mineral & vitamin supplement. Hoping that will help me even more. Thank you Jennifer

Marita H.

I have been health conscience for many years.  As I get older I realize how important it is to be proactive in caring for my health.  Although I have not had any major issues with my health, I would like to contribute it to the supplements I take through Take Your Supplements.  Cindy, my coach, has always been there and very helpful with any questions I have had over the years

Jennifer Saltzman

 Head Health Coach

Supplement Consultation!
Fill out the form to speak with an experienced Holistic Health Coach that will help you order the right supplements for you based on your needs, health goals and budget. 

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